How to Get a Vanity URL for Your Facebook Page

Now that you’ve synced your hotel rooms, photos and maps to Facebook using buuteeq’s free Facebook app, it’s time to give your Facebook page some tender love and care. A ‘vanity’ URL is a branded domain name. It is much nicer to send your guests to instead of Facebook allows you to claim a vanity URL—or ‘username’--for your Page if you have more than 25 fans. Here’s how it works.

  • From your Page, click “edit page”.
    create a facebook username for yoru page to work as a vanity url. start by clicking 'edit page', says buuteeq
  • Click “Basic Information” to the left.
    next click 'basic information' in order to claim your vanity facebook url or username, says buuteeq
  • Now look at the ‘Username’ field. If you do not have 25 or more fans yet, you will see this:
    you must have 25 fans or more in order to claim your username as a vanity url for your facebook page, says buuteeq
  • Get your friends and family to “like” your page. Once you get over 25 likes, you will be able to choose your username.
    you must have at least 25 likes, like this sample page, says buuteeq
  • Click 'Create a username for this page?'.
    click 'create a username for this page' to start the process, says buuteeq
  • Type in your desired username in the empty field to the right and press 'enter'. If the username is not available you will be told so. Pick a different username if this is the case.
    your desired username may be taken. pick another one if this is the case, says buuteeq
  • If the name is available, a pop-up box will appear warning you that this is a one-time decision.
    this is the warning box that will appear if the name is available, says buuteeq

WARNING—you only have one chance to choose a username to be your vanity URL, so choose wisely. You cannot change it later!

  • Once you're sure that this is the username you want, click confirm.
    click confirm when ready to claim your vanity url username for your facebook page, says buuteeq

That’s it! You can now direct guests to your new vanity Facebook URL.
this is a sample facebook page with a new, shiny vanity url, says buuteeq

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