Customizing the “Hotel Info” app for your Facebook page

To change the buuteeq Facebook application icon to a different image, please login to


Click on your Facebook page’s Admin Panel in the upper-right to expand that area if it’s not already open. You must be an Admin for the page in which the “Hotel Info” application is installed.


Click on “Manage” and select “Edit Page” from the drop-down menu that appears.


Click on “Apps” in the left hand column.


Find the application you want to change the large icon for, click “Edit Settings,” and a small pop-up window will appear.


Click the “Change” link next to “Custom Tab Image” text. This will take you to a new page.


Click “Change” to the right side of the default image. This will open another pop-up window.


Click “Choose File” to choose the 111px x 74px image you want to upload. As soon as the image is uploaded, the image will change and your new 111px x 74px image will be visible on your Page.


Click the field next to “Custom tab name” and type in the name you want to appear underneath the app.

Click Save. 


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