Seasons are a group of days when the price of the rooms are different. Your property might have a high season when the property is very busy and a low season when the property is less busy. Then you can create a category called " high season " " Summer months " " Winter holidays " .....

To create a Season: 

  1. Go to Pricing>Seasons 
  2. Select
  3.  Label the New Season 
  4. Click 
  5. Select the Best Available Rate applied to the new Season                           Please note if you do not select a Best Available Rate, and let the rate default to None, your Full rates will be in effect.
  6. Using the begin and end date calendars to select when the Season Begins and Ends. 
  7. Select 
  8. Click Save 

The dates when the Season begins and ends will be highlighted on the Master Calender. 

Change Calendar Year:

Click on the arrows near the year to change it.  




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