How to Set Up Extra Adult and Child Fees

Your buuteeq Booking Engine can calculate the price of extra adults and children per night. 

To start the process of creating prices go to Prices > Rates


To add the Rate Per Adult


  1. Select Full Rack Rates 
  2. Check the box in the column under Rate Per Adult 
  3. Based on the occupancy, fill in the applicable total Rate in the "?" field.  

*Please note if you have more than 4 max adults, after the 4th adult the system will ask for the Extra Person charge after the 4th person.

To add the price for a child:


  1.  Check the box for Extra Children
  2.  Fill in the base number of Children, you will start to charge for additional Children. 

            a. If  no children are included the price of the room, then type in "0" .

            b. If a certain number of children are allowed with the room rate, please specify that as the base number of children.

For example, if you plan to charge a rate after the first child, then type in the number "1" as the Base Number. This indicate in the system that you will charge after the first child.

     3.   Then fill in the price for each additional child.

Proceed to add the rates for extra adults and children for each room segment, you have available. 

When you are done adding the price of extra adults and children in Full Rack Rates, please repeat the same steps for all of your applicable Best Available Rates, Qualifying Rates, and Promotions.



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