Taxes and Fees

The buuteeq Booking Engine can calculate and display the tax & fees associated with a reservation. To specify rates and/or fees, please navigate to Pricing > Tax and Fee.



1. Click on the "Create New" Icon, then type the name of the Tax or Fee
2. Label it. 

3. Description: Add a short description of the Tax or Fee. 

4. In Use: Turn on the switch, to activate the feature. 
5. Type: Select Tax or Fee 
6. Method: Please choose one that applies: 

  •  Exclusive, taxes will be applied to Rates  
  •  Inclusive, taxes are already included in the Rates. 

7. Value: Fill in the Value and select Percentage or Flat Fee.
8. Application: Please select how the Tax or Fee will be applied. 

  • For a tax, the following options will be available:


  • For a fee, the following options will be available: 




9. Compounding (Please select one of the following options available): 

  • Yes, the Tax or Fee will be applied to the principal balance, after the previous taxes and fees have been applied. 
  • No, non-compounding taxes and fees only applied to the main price.

10. Apply to: Please select all that apply: 

  • Room Charge 
  • Add-On.

11. Click Save 

12. Remember to publish your site when you are done adding the taxes. 

*A friendly reminder, if you have multiple taxes and fees that need to be applied in a specific order, you can reorganize the order by clicking on the bullet next to the Tax and Fee and dragging it. 



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