Allow Your Guests to Modify or Cancel Their Reservation

To save you and your reservation staff time, we have added a new feature that allows your guests to modify or cancel their reservation online through your website. They will be able to change the following reservation information:

  • Number of Guests

  • Dates

  • Room Selection

  • Rate

  • Add-Ons


Or cancel the reservation all together.


How will guests modify or cancel their reservation?

Once this feature is enabled, there are two ways your guests will be able to modify an existing reservation.

1. Email link: When a guest makes a reservation through your buuteeq booking engine, they receive a reservation confirmation email. Once enabled, this email will contain an “edit or cancel this reservation” link at the bottom of the message.


To make changes to a reservation, your guest will need to provide their reservation ID number, which is also available in the confirmation email.


2. Directly from your website: Your website’s footer will have a “Modify/Cancel Reservation” option.


*Clicking either of these links takes your guests to your website, where they will be asked to enter their last name and reservation ID number.


After doing so, they will then be able to edit the details of the booking, or cancel the reservation all together.


*The reservation ID number can be found in reservation confirmation email.

What if they don’t have their reservation ID number?

Guests must have their reservation ID number in order to make changes online. If they do not have their reservation ID number, they will need to contact you directly.

When can a guest modify/cancel their reservation?

Guests can make modifications to their reservations 24 hours before their arrival date. If they would like to make changes less than 24 hours before their arrival date, the booking engine will not allow them to make changes and they will receive the following message:


How do I activate this feature?

To activate this feature, log in to BackOffice and go to Settings > Reservations > Turn the switch for the “Allow Guests to Cancel Online.” Click Save, then publish your website.


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