How To Give Credit Key Access to Other BackOffice Users

Each user in BackOffice will need to have their own Credit Key to access credit card information. This is will ensure that your guests' information is safe and secure. As a the Credit Key Administrator, you will need to provision Credit Key access to other users. 

Before you can assign an employee a Credit Key in BackOffice, they will need to already have access to BackOffice or have a User role created for them. To assign a role in BackOffice and manage access to the Credit Key, you will need to do the following: 

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Users 
  3. Select Manage Credit Key 


4. You will need to use your personal Credit Key to Manage Credit Key Access. 

5. Choose which BackOffice users or property employees have access to guest credit card details under Front Desk> Reservations.  


6. You can also unblock Credit Key Access, in the event a BackOffice user has too many incorrect password attempts to access the credit card details. 


If the contact information is incorrect and you are suppose to be the Credit Key Admin. You will need to contact the buuteeq Customer Success Team at 1-800-734-1769 to update this information.

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