Integrating buuteeq and BookingCenter

If you are a Booking Center customer and you would like to use the buuteeq booking engine user interface, you will need to contact Booking Center Support at 707-874-3922 x202.
To request for the following materials and information from Booking Center: 
  1. Activate the online Booking Center booking engine. 
  2. Request for a username and password to log into
  3. Create a buuteeq (BUT) Agent in Booking Center.*You can view the buuteeq Agent in Booking Center, by logging into your online booking engine account at
  4. Allocate rooms and rates to the buuteeq (BUT) Agent in BookingCenter.


To start the integration process:


Open two web browsers
  1. In the first browser, go to
  2. Log in using your username and password (provided by BookingCenter)
  3. Go to Availability/Rates> Current Availability, there you will find the room name and the Room ID. 



Using this information you can map the buuteeq Room Name/Structures to the Room ID. 
  1. In the second browser, log into BackOffice at  
  2. Go to Marketing > Galleries > Rooms > Room Structure
               a. Verify the Physical Number of Rooms matches the Rooms column in Booking Center for each room type. 
               b. Verify the Max Persons in buuteeq matches the Max Guests in Booking Center for each room type. 
      3. Next go to Settings>Reservations> 3rd Party Booking CRS
  a. In the CRS Set Up, select BookingCenter in the drop down menu option. 
          b. Enter the Site ID: 
          c. Enter the BookingCenter Chain Code: BC
          d. Enter the BookingCenter Site Password: 
  e. Tax Exclusive: Do not activate this feature, keep it disabled: Inline image 3
          f. Transaction Style: Select Capture
          g. Activate the Room Availability Chart.    Inline image 4
          h. Under Rooms, click 'Add" to add a buuteeq Room Segment and connect it to the BookingCenter Room Code. 
Important Note: Do not use the same BookingCenter room code for multiple buuteeq room names because it will disrupt the connection between buuteeq and BookingCenter and allow double bookings. If you run into this issue, please contact us at
4. When you are done click Save and Publish!  


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