Understanding 360 Analytics


Definitions to understanding your 360 Analytics

Visits: Number of visits to your website

Looks: Number of people clicking on the “Book Now” or “Reservations” buttons on the website.

Books: Number of reservations booked directly on your website. This will only track if you have the buuteeq booking engine, use a CRS sync, or have added 3rd party tracking code to your booking engine.

Likes: Number of likes you have on your Facebook page. This will only show if you have installed the Facebook app.

Pageviews: Number of pages that all visitors have looked at on your site.

Pages/Visit: Average number of pages per each visit.

Avg. Time on Site: Average time spent on the site before leaving.

Bounce Rate: Percentage of visits that left the site before going to any other pages. The hospitality industry standard is 50%.

% New Visits: Percentage of visits that have not been to your site in the past 30 days.

Top Organic Search Terms: Search terms people use in a search engine to find your site. (Not Provided) is when someone is using a secure connection and the actual terms are not shared.

Top Referrers: The top listings that have your website and have referred visitors.

Visit-to-Look Ratio: This is the ratio of number of people who visited the site then proceeded to click on a reservations button.

Look-to-Book Ratio: This is the ratio of number of people who proceeded to booking a room after clicking the reservations button.


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