How to change your website blueprint to Boulevard

We have added another blueprint to create variety in the BackOffice. This newest blueprint, Boulevard is a nice hybrid of Panorama with still allowing more content like Tuxedo or TouchTile. This theme was created to tell a story and display the content in bands or boulevards. Boulevard was also created with mobile devices in mind and is a responsive design that will adjust the website automatically to the device (desktop, tablet, or mobile phone) you are using.


Set Up Your Branding

To begin, you will need to first select the Boulevard blueprint under Settings > Design Concierge > Brand and Build. Under “Blueprint”, use the dropdown to select “Boulevard”. You will then see two different themes available - East or West.

 blueprint.png  themes.png


East is a very clean and allows the content to shine; logo will appear on a background that is the same as accent color. See a live example here:

West is a more colorful theme with an accent color, a background image and color overlay. The system will automatically create complimentary colors from the background color chosen to change each band of content. See a live example here:


How to use East:

1. Settings > Design Concierge > Brand and Build: keep your current accent color or pick a new one


2. Click on your property name in the upper left of the BackOffice to check your preview and adjust if need be


How to use West:

1. Settings > Design Concierge > Brand and Build: keep your current accent color or pick a new one


2. Settings > Design Concierge > Refine: choose a background photo from your Library and/or color that will display as an overlay


3. Click on your property name in the upper left of the BackOffice to check your preview and adjust if need be


Choose Homepage Widgets

You will need to choose what content you would like to highlight on the homepage. Your navigation will still be along the top (Rooms, Photos, Location, Promotions and additional Articles) but you can add widgets to the bands of the homepage to showcase any pages you wish.


1. Marketing > Galleries > Homepage > Widgets: click on Rooms, Location, Promotions, or Article 1, 2, 3 and then toggle to turn any of the widgets on or off.

- Location widget: you can also add a description


- Article widget: you will need to select an Article you would like to feature; if you select more than one for a group it will display the first two then have arrows or swipe to see the next article. If you turn on more than one Article widget it will still combine into one band and display all the articles together.



- You can reposition the widgets on the homepage by dragging and dropping the widgets up and down to change the order

2. If you have selected an Article Group widget for the home page, next you need to go to that Article under Marketing > Galleries > Article and then find the Article you selected

3. At the bottom of the article builder, click the arrow next to “Article Summary”, select a thumbnail image from your library, write a short description and save!


- As best practice and more SEO friendly way of creating the short description, you should not copy a portion of the article and instead create a new sentence or two about the page.

4. On the Rooms page make sure to add a title and short description under Marketing > Galleries > Rooms > Overview Info. This will add good SEO content and give your guest a brief description of the rooms. Another new feature on this page is having the compare filters automatically on the page. To ensure guests can filter your rooms to the features they would like make sure to set these up in Amenities.


5. By default the Rooms photos will be the first shown and All photos will be last on the Photos page. If you want to change the order of any of the showcases go to Marketing > Galleries > Photos and move the showcases in the order you would like.


We hope you are as excited as we are to have this new design as an option for your site. Please feel free to contact if you have any problems with this change over.

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    Stefania Chiorboli

    Great article- just one addition to this: if your site is localised in more languages, you will get all the languages displayed correctly by going into   Marketing > Localization and  make sure the article widget content is translated and set to Ready. 

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