How To Create A Promotion

A Promotion can be a great way to entice guests to stay at your property. These can show on your homepage, article pages and mobile site for maximum visibility and conversion.

  1. To create a new Promotion go to Marketing > Galleries > Promotions.
  2. From this page you can change how your Promotions are titled. You can call them Promotions, Specials, Packages, or Deals.promotions.png
  3. Add a new promotion by clicking the Add Promotion button. Rename this to the title of your Promotion and click the check mark to save.newpromotion.png 
  4. Add a picture and short description (one sentence max) of the promotion to let the guest know about the offering.desc.png
  5. In the Long Description add additional content about the promotion including images, text, or video using the Add Content buttons. This is a good place to give the full description of the promotion in addition to any restrictions.longdesc.png
  6. Once you have completed the promotion save your work at the bottom of the page. 
  7. Tip: Entice people with a compelling one sentence description of the promotion and include an image that will also attract the visitors to get more information. For the long description make sure to include any terms or restrictions on the promotion.  

Activating The Promotions Widget 

To turn on the Promotions widget and show these on your homepage and articles, go to Marketing > Galleries > Homepage. In the Widgets column click on Promotions and toggle on the widget for homepage and articles.



If the promotion is seasonal or you would like to turn it off, you are able to hide the promotion.


Save then Publish (Marketing>Publish, select "Publish Now"), and your Promotion will be live!

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