How to Create a Reservation using the Front Desk tab in BackOffice

The buuteeq booking engine supports features that will allow you to not only submit and record guest reservations on your website, but also create a new, customizable reservation in BackOffice under Front Desk > Reservations. For instance, you may need to create a reservation in BackOffice when a guest contacts you directly at the property via phone or email, rather than by using your online booking engine.

To create a reservation: 

  1. Go to Front Desk > Reservations 
  2. Select Create a New Reservation
  3. Select the Arrival and Departure Date
  4. If applicable/desired, enter a Promotion Code 
  5. Select the number of Adults and number of Children 
  6. Click View Room
  7. Under Rooms, Choose a Room 
  8. Under Rates, Choose a Room Rate 
  9. Click Add Room, to add the room and rate selection to check out.
  10. Select the Add-Ons or Skip Add-Ons
    • If an Add-On has been added to the reservation, click Add Add-On
    • Click the   to change the quantity of the Add-Ons
  11. You will know that the Room and Add-Ons have successfully been added to the reservation when the billing summary appears which will include the subtotal, taxes and fees, and grand total.
  12. Repeat steps 6- 12 to add new room types to the reservation.
  13. Fill out the Guest Information 
  14. Click Submit

The reservation will appear in BackOffice.

Friendly reminder: If you are using the booking engine in Manual settings (as opposed to Automatic) remember to close the online availability of the room by going to Front Desk > Availability and toggle the switch to take the room offline (the switch will turn gray).

If you are using the booking engine in Automated settings, the Inventory calendar will automatically take the rooms offline. 

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