Set Up TripConnect with buuteeq

Great news! buuteeq and TripAdvisor are connecting via TripConnect! To be eligible to use TripConnect, you must be:

  • an active Pro or Ultra buuteeq subscriber, and one of the following
  • a buuteeq Booking Engine user OR
  • a buuteeq CRS Sync user (Genares, BookingCenter, Cenium) OR
  • a buuteeq Channel Sync user (SiteMinder)

Click here for more info on TripAdvisor and its benefits.

Here is how to open your inventory in BackOffice.

Step 1

Go to Settings>TripConnect in BackOffice.

Step 2

Switch the button to "on" to open your inventory to TripConnect.

Note that if you are using a CRS sync and not the buuteeq Booking Engine, your TripConnect page will look like this instead:

Step 3

We have recently added the feature that will allow you to offer all of your rooms to TripAdvisor! This means that you no longer have to choose your room with the most inventory, you can simply offer all of it.

Step 4

Finish setting up your account in TripAdvisor, including a Business Listing, if you don't have one already. Click here for information about how to use TripConnect. Refer to this FAQ for more information!

Step 5

Sign up for TripConnect! Go to and click Get Started. You will now be asked to Confirm Your Room Rates & Availability. Make sure that it says "Your internet booking engine is buuteeq." If it says something different, click "Not Right?" and select buuteeq from the list. 

Next, select the dates to verify availability and price:

Next, select the languages that your booking engine in available in and make sure that the content matches the appropriate language. If it doesn't, contact us directly.

Now, you are ready to set up your campaign. 

If you need some advice and help on what numbers to use here, give us a call at 1(800)734-1769.

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