Choosing the Right Blueprint - Collections

Collections: Group support

It’s better when we’re together! You want to display all of your properties in one easy-to-navigate, fully-responsive location.

Number of themes: 3
Works well with what kinds of logos: horizontal
How responsive: fully responsive
Optimal number of tabs: 6 or less

How to look your best in Collections in 10 steps or less:

1. Under Design Concierge > Brand and Build, upload your logo - preferably a transparent version. Horizontal logos work best.

2. Use the color picker to choose an accent color that reflects your property’s brand.

3. Based on the accent color you have chosen, select a theme recommended by the system.

4. Under Design Concierge > Refine, select a font that matches your brand and any fonts used in your logo.

5. Select a Background color from the color picker, upload an image or a pattern. This will appear on interior pages - not on your homepage.

6. Under Marketing > Galleries > Homepage, add a Short Description. Turn on Promotions widget if applicable. Add a tagline that will appear as an overlay over your homepage slideshow.


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