Embed a Google Calendar into your site

To embed a Google Calendar to your site, you'll first need a Google account. If you already have one, you can go straight to the calendar application here: calendar.google.com. If not, you can create one on the sign-in page.

Creating a new calendar

On Google Calendars, click on the arrow next to "My Calendars":

Choose "Create new calendar" and name it something related to what you are going to be displaying (i.e., "buuteeq Summer Events!").

Once the new calendar has been created, click the same arrow next to that specific calendar and choose "Calendar settings". That will bring you to this page:

Copy and paste the iFrame code in the "Embed This Calendar" section:

Adding the code to BackOffice

Login to BackOffice and navigate to the page that you wish to place the calendar (usually in the Marketing>Galleries>Articles section). 

Once on the page you want the calendar to show on, use the video embed code tool to add the calendar widget:

Paste the code into the page that pops up, click on the save icon, preview and publish!

Using the calendar

In the future, since you have already embedded the calendar into your website, you won't have to return to this page unless you want to put the calendar in a different place. All you need to do to add events and information is to use your Google Calendar as you normally would!

If you are new to using Google Calendar, try visiting the Google Calendar Learning Center to get you started. It is highly recommended!

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