Creating a New Rate

There are three types of rates that you can set up on the Pricing page in BackOffice.

Full: Every property should have a full rack rate. You can think of your full rate as a default rate. The booking engine will show your full rate for any date that does not have an applied season.  You can apply seasons under Pricing>Seasons.

Best Available Rate: A Best available rate is a rate that applies to a specific date range.  You will also want to use best available rates if you need to apply a minimum or maximum night stay requirement.  

Qualifying Rate: As the name suggests, a Qualifying Rate is a rate that a guest must qualify for. Examples of Qualifying Rates include: AAA, Military, AARP, Teacher, and Returning Guest discounts.  

Setting up a Best Available Rate:

When creating a Best Available Rate you will need to first create the rate under Pricing > Rates and then apply it to a specific date range under Pricing Seasons.

Part I: 

  1. Go to Pricing > Rates in BackOffice.
  2. Select the  button located in the top left corner of the Rates page.
  3. Give the rate a name and then click the check mark to the right or press Enter to save.
  4.  You will notice that a rate grid appears with the following columns:
    • Check the box in the Rate Per Adult column if your rates change depending on the number of people in the room.  For example, if a room has a max occupancy of four guests and the advertised rate is based on double occupancy, you will want to use the Rate Per Adult option to apply an extra person charge for the third and fourth guest.
    • Check the box in the Extra Child column if you would like to apply a separate rate for children.  The Base # is the number of children that will be included at no additional charge.  
  5.  In the Rate column, click on the question mark next to each room segment.  If you have selected Rate Per Adult you will need to enter a rate for Single, Double, Triple, Quad, and then Extra Person if the room accommodates more than four guests.  
  6. Apply any minimum or maximum night stay requirements under the Rules section at the bottom of the page. 
  7.  Click the orange Save button to save your work. 



Part II: 

Go to Pricing>Seasons to apply the new Best Available Rate to a specific date range.  

1.) Select the New Season button located to the left, below the 12 month calendar. 

2.) Give the season a name and click the check mark to the right or press Enter to save. 

3.) Choose the corresponding Best Available Rate from the drop-down list.  This is how you match a Best Available Rate to a specific date range.  

4.) Use the Begin Date and End Date calendars to specify the date range.*  

5.) Click ADD.  You will notice that the date range you selected is now highlighted in a unique color on the 12 month calendar above.   

6.) Click the orange Save button to save your work and you’re done!


*Please Note: If the date range you are trying to apply extends past December 31, you will need to select December 31 as the end date.  You can then move to the next year by clicking on the year to the top right of the 12 month calendar.  



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