How To Edit, Create, Or Add Content To A New Article

An Article on your website can feature text,  images, PDFs, videos, custom inquiry forms, and much more.

Editing an Article

To edit an existing Article, go to Marketing>Galleries>Articles. Select the Article name and move your cursor over the body of the content, this includes text, images, photos, PDFs, and more, use the following buttons in the Article Editor:

 Forward: Click to move the existing content up one place.

 Backward: Click to move the existing content down one place.

 Edit: Click to edit the existing content.

 Delete: Click to delete this section.

 Undo: Click to revert the changes that have been made to the content.

 Save: Click to save your changes.  

Creating a New Article

  1. Marketing> Galleries > Articles
  2. Select the title of the Collection.
  3. Click New_Article.JPG to create the Article.
  4. Type in the name of the Article in the field available.New_Article_II.JPG
  5. Click Check Mark Icon.png to save.
  6. On the right hand side, the Article Layout and Preview will be available for you to add content to the page.      


How to Add Content to an Article

In the Article Layout and Preview, the Add Content Icons will allow you to add content to your Article page. 


Adding Images

To add a photo(s): 

  1. Click on the Image icon Add_a_Photo.JPG
  2. Four image icons will appear in the left corner that will allow you display your photos in various ways. The following photo display options are available: Article_Builder_Add_Icons.JPG
    • Click  to insert one photo or a slideshow.
    • Click  to insert two photos or two slideshows.
    • Click  to insert three photos or three slideshows.
    • Click  to insert a photo and keep the same aspect ratio of the original.
  3. After you have selected one of the four image display options, click Select
  4. Click on a photo or a group of photos from the Library or use the Photo Upload tool to select a photo.
    • You can create and insert a new slideshow by selecting multiple photos in the Library and then click on Create a New Slideshow.
    • Select multiple photos from the Library by holding the "Ctrl" button and selecting the images you wish to use, alternatively click and drag your mouse over a group of photos to highlight them.
  5. Click Insert.
  6. Click  to save.

Adding Headers/Titles

Headers are a way to divide your article, they work just like a Headline and Sub-Headline. They are important to your SEO because Google and other search engines place importance on H1 and H2 tags. 

To add a Header (title): 

  1. Click on the Header icon .
  2. Select a Header (H1) or Sub- Header (H2).
  3. Enter the title for the Header or Sub-Header.
  4. Choose the alignment. 
  5. Click  to save.

Adding Texts and Images

The text and image icon will bring you to our rich article builder tool to display your website's content. 

To add text and images: 

  1. Click on the Text & Image icon 
  2. Select one of the following text and/ image article options: 
    • Click  to feature only text in one column. 
    • Click  to feature only text in two separate columns.  
    • Click  to feature one photo above one column of text. 
    • Click  to feature two photos above two columns of text. 
    • Click  to feature three photos above three columns of photos and texts. 
    • Click to feature a small photo next to text.  
    • Click to feature a medium photo next to text.  
    • Click to feature a large photo next to text. 
  3. In the text box, use any of the formatting tools you would use in a word processor. 
  4. A. Font Tools: Bold, italicize, underline the text
  5. B. Layout & Special Elements Tools: Click to align text or create bulleted and numbered lists or add a hyper link.
  6. If you are using a Text & Image Icon to add photos and texts, click Select in the thumbnail to add a photo from your Library or Upload a Photo. After you have added a(n) image(s), you can make the following changes: 
  7. Click on the aspect ratio tool, to change the size of the size of the image. 
  8. Click on the photo position tool , to change the position of the photo from right to left and vice versa.
  9. Click  to save.

Adding an Inquiry Form

Forms are available to all buuteeq users and are infintely customizable. They work great for reservation inquiries, event proposals, or even collecting guest feedback.

You can use the following form editing tools while you are building your inquiry form: 

 Options: Click to add more options/fields. 

 Edit: Click to edit the existing content.

 Delete: Click to delete this section.

 Save: Click to save your changes.

To create a form: 

  1. Click on the Form icon .
  2. If applicable: Click on the Edit icon  next to the Submit button to re-name the button. 
  3. Add the email address where you would like to receive inquires.Click "+" to add multiple email addresses. This form will be sent to all e-mail addresses listed here.
  4. Select any of the following form builder tools to add fields to your form:
    • Click  to add a communication line. In the blanks write your requirements. The gray space will be used by the guest to write their answers. For example, you could ask for their Name and E-mail address.
    • Click  to allow your guests to write more than a single line.
    • Click  to give your guests the ability to see all of the items from this list and select the one they want. They will be able to choose only one object. 
    • Click  to give your guests the option to choose all of the options that apply to their inquiry in the field available.
    • Click  to add a calendar. Your guests can record the arrival and departure dates.
    • Click  to give your guests the ability to see all of the items from this list and select the one they want. 
    • Click  to add text. 
  5. Click on the  next to each line item to make it mandatory response field before a guest can submit a request. 
  6. To reorder the items, click on the line item, drag and drop. 
  7. Click  to save. 

Adding a Video

Our BackOffice system makes it easy for you to share great video content with customers visiting your page:

To add a video: 

  1. Click on the Video icon 
  2. You will then be prompted to insert the video code in this text field:Paste the video's embed code into the text box. 
  3. Click  to save. 

Adding a PDF

  1. Click on the PDF icon 
  2. Select one of your collections that appear in the PDF Collection.
  3. To add a new PDF Collection:
    • Click  on the right hand side of the window. 
    • Add a Title and click Next 
    • Use the PDF Upload tool to add a PDF to BackOffice from "My Computer" or any other cloud storage drive like a Link, Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive, Google Drive, Gmail, and FTP. 
  4. Click  to save. 


Adding a Hyperlinked Image

  1. Click on the  icon.
  2. Click  to insert a photo in your Library or upload a new photo on your computer. This picture can not be cropped or changed in size.
  3. Enter the URL you wish to link this image to by pasting the URL in the text field below your photo.
  4. Choose the alignment of the hyper linked image.
  5. Click the  icon to save your now hyperlinked image. 




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