How To Add Hotels Schema Markup To Your Website

One of the trending questions we get here at buuteeq is about schema markup for hotels. Schema presents information to search engines in a structured, uniform way, so that they can understand it. Search engine robots scan your whole site and interpret what they find to decide how to rank your site. Sometimes search engine spiders have a hard time understanding what the website is trying to say. That’s where schema comes in.

For example, let’s say that you list your hotel’s phone number on a page filled with other numbers. How is Google going to know which number is your phone number? Google can do this by matching the numbers they find on your website with numbers on other websites, but schema makes it easier.

Schema tells Google, “This is a phone number” or “This is the hotel’s address”. When Google knows these things, they have an easier time ranking your hotel website.

That said, schema markup is not necessary for hotels. Google has sophisticated ways to discover your hotel’s NAP (name, address, and phone number) even if you fail to add it to your website. Some SEO agencies claim that Google penalizes websites without schema in the rankings. Some also say that websites with schema rank higher. Both are false, because Google is more concerned with the quality of your website’s content than your use of schema. If Google penalized websites that didn't provide schema, their search engine results would get worse. We’d only see listings from spammers who might have poor content, but just-so-happened to add schema.

Thus, schema is a “nice-to-have” for hotels marketers who have the time to add it to their websites. There are a number of ways to add schema to your website. I’ll explain the easiest.

Local Hotel Schema Tool

Head on over to the local search rescue tool at, who made this handy tool. Once there, fill out the form to describe your property. Be sure to complete it with accurate information. AN image showing where to input hotel schema info. When done, un-check the two check-boxes at the bottom and click “Generate Resources”. On the next page, scroll down to the section titled “schema”. Copy the HTML found in the “copy & paste” box. Then, if you are a buuteeq customer, email it to your customer success representative. Ask him or her to add it to either your homepage or your contact page. An image showing where to find the code to copy hotel schema into a website. And there you have it! That’s all there is to adding schema to your hotel website. Please let me know if you have any questions using the comments below.

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