Changing your TripAdvisor Address Info for TripConnect

If you are having trouble using signing up for TripConnect and are getting this message: 

"Your internet booking engine, buuteeq, is now certified as a TripConnect Partner. However, your property is not included in their inventory of hotels, inns, and B&Bs – and as a result, we can’t access your rates and availability for TripConnect. Please contact buuteeq directly to ensure that you are included in their inventory, so that you can begin using TripConnect!"

One of the reasons might be because your address information in BackOffice does not match that in TripAdvisor. So, to change your TripAdvisor address information to match BackOffice, follow these instructions:

  1.  Sign in to your TripAdvisor account.
  2.  From the TripAdvisor Management Center, go to "Property Dashboard" underneath "Your Property Overview". 
  3. Go to "Manage your page".
  4. Click on "Edit business description/amenities".
  5. Click "edit" to change your address information to match the 1) city, 2) state, and 3) country information exactly to what you have listed in BackOffice under Settings > Info > Address & Contacts.
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