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If you have decided to use the booking engine in automated settings under Settings > Reservations, you will have access to the BackOffice Inventory Calendar.  Please see the Front Desk > Availability article if you are using the booking engine in manual settings.  

You can use the Inventory Calendar to manually manage your room inventory and to see a monthly view of your availability.

You will notice the Room Inventory grid to the left of the page.  The Room Inventory grid allows you to change the calendar view to the right.  You can view All Rooms or select a specific room segment. The segment you have selected will highlight in orange.  

You can mouse over any of the question marks in the grid to find out more information about each column.  

Using the Inventory Calendar to close rooms:

When using the booking engine in automated settings, the inventory calendar will automatically be adjusted once a reservation is made.  That being true, you also have the option to manually open or close a room.  

To reduce the number of open rooms:

 1.) Select the room segment from the list to the left

2.) Then select a date range from the calendar to the right. 

 3.) Then select "Close a Room" below the calendar.  


You can close the entire property for a given day by selecting “All Rooms” to the left,

and then selecting "Close Day" below the calendar .

Remember to click Save at the bottom of the page when you are done.  Please note, you must click save when moving between room segments or months on the calendar. 

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