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If you have chosen to use the booking engine in manual settings under Settings>Reservations, you will need to manually manage your online availability.  Please see the Front Desk>Inventory tutorial if you are using the booking engine in automated settings.

Our Availability Calendar allows you to easily close rooms once you have confirmed a reservation.

It is important to remember that you must manually close your rooms after every confirmed reservation, including reservations made internally through Front Desk>Reservations. 

Follow these simple steps to open or close a room using Front Desk Availability Calendar: 

1.) Select the arrival date for the reservation using the calendar icon in the top left corner.  The Availability Calendar will show a 14 day view once a date has been selected. 

2.) Toggle the switch in the corresponding column and row to close a room.*  The columns display the date and the rows show the room segments.  If a switch is orange, it means the room is available and can be booked online. 

3.) Click Save at the bottom of the page when you are done!

*Please note, you can close an entire day by selecting the All Rooms row for a given date.  If you close an individual room segment, you will take all of the rooms in that segment offline.  We recommend using the booking engine in automated settings if you have more than one room in a given room segment.  


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