My Site is Live - Now What? Articles Edition

Your site is live and now it’s your turn to take control of your digital marketing! Attend webinars, review our forums, and engage with other buuteeq users.

This self-training approach will ensure you are set up for success using the buuteeq system.

The buuteeq system does its best to set you up for success in a variety of ways. Rooms, Photos and Location pages are already included because we know they see the most traffic on your site. Articles pages allow you to tell the rest of your property’s story - maybe you serve a killer gourmet breakfast or feature a pool and spa where your guests can relax and unwind.


When building Article pages, use a combination of photography to keep potential guests engaged and keyword-rich text as content that will increase your search relevance. Nothing makes someone want to try your breakfast more than a delicious photo of pancakes dripping with syrup or bacon alongside the perfect omelet. And nothing makes Google happier than seeing relevant content throughout your site. Add as many relevant Article pages as you want to - the sky is the limit.


Not sure what else to talk about? Create an Events page detailing upcoming events in your area or a Top 10 List. What are the top ten summer activities in your area that should not be missed? Or the top ten must try before you die meals in your city?

Learn How to Build Outstanding Article Pages

Why are thorough, detailed Article pages important?

Having fresh, relevant content on your website is directly connected to your search ranking. The more content on your site the better you will rank for your local search terms. The buuteeq system showcases your content in the right architecture according to Google’s best practices. You will likely see your search ranking and therefore your traffic increase, as every time Google indexes your site, it is looking for updates. SEO can be a vague topic, but Google has made it very clear that having well-written, updated Article pages will help give your site a boost.



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