My Site is Live - Now What? Rooms Edition

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Rooms (or cottages, cabins, suites, bungalows, etc.) are a very important, if not the most important part of your property’s website. Each piece of inventory has its own features and amenities, maybe even a unique story. Let your potential guests explore their ideal home away from home.


Learn How to Create Room Types

Once you have created your various types of inventory, complete additional information about where a guest will lay their head under Marketing > Galleries > Rooms.

Description: under Short Description and Long Description you can describe the unique features of each piece of inventory. Short Description is a sneak peek that appears on Tuxedo and Panorama blueprints to what a guest will find in the Long Description. We recommend completing both sections in case you decide to switch between blueprints. Be mindful of character limits.

Amenities: these items are shown on the individual room page in a easy-to-read, bulleted list. Besides showing what amenities are included in each room, this can also help differentiate between rooms when a potential guest is making a decision on where to stay.

Details: in addition to the amenities you have listed in the previous tab, complete bed types and any other important aspects you may want to use to differentiate between rooms.

Overview: the title and brief synopsis of your inventory. Include keywords and any important details.

Learn More About Updating Your Room Information

Last week we learned about the importance of using captivating photography on your homepage. It is equally important to present compelling images on your rooms page as this is likely the most frequently visited page within your website. Photography tells a story that sometimes words and lists cannot. Be mindful of the first image you use for each room type - even if your rooms feature luxurious bathrooms, that is likely not what a potential guest wants to see first.

Learn How to Add & Update Room Photos

Why is improving your Rooms page important?


Your goal is to put more heads in beds. Give your visitors a reason to choose your beds over those of your competitors. Convey that reason and the overall value of your inventory in three ways: through story, through photographs, and through lists. No matter how a person likes to take in information, they will be able to quickly digest what you have to offer.



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