My Site is Live - Now What? Localization Edition

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The Localization tool found in BackOffice allows you to translate your site in other languages, using the Google Translate tool or your own translations. To make an informed decision of which languages to use, go to 360 Analytics*, select Visits and Website or Mobile and scroll to the bottom of the page to find Visits by Browser Language.  


If you have not already provided the buuteeq Customer Success team with your preferred languages, please email Once this is complete, buuteeq will activate them for you. Depending on your subscription, there may be an additional annual fee. Once a language has been activated, you can use the built-in Localization tool to translate your text. If you have had professional translations done, you can insert this text in the tool as well.

Learn How to Localize Your Content

Why is Localization important?

If your property attracts travelers from across the globe, localization will make your site easily accessible to these potential guests. Not only will a variety of languages be available on your site, but translated content will increase SEO in those languages and make it easier for foreign guests to find you in the first place.

360 Analytics is a feature that is not available for all subscriptions. If you are interested in learning more about how to make data-driven decisions, please contact

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