You Can't Manage What You Can't Measure: Measuring Your Success with buuteeq's Digital Marketing System

With 360 Analytics, you can track your campaign effectiveness, measure conversion rates, and the bounce rate of your digital marketing system. Our new benchmark tool shows you how your performance compares to other buuteeq hotels in your segment across all of your marketing channels. These comparisons will help you improve your overall marketing effectiveness to increase occupancy and direct bookings. 
Benchmarks is currently only available to Ultra level subscriptions. To view this tool, look for this button:  in your 360 Analytics in the Visits, Looks, and Likes tabs. 
The benchmark tool offers you the ability to do the following: 
  • Compare your performance against other properties in your segment  
  • Use a standard metric to compare your online marketing performance against past performances
  • Set performance goals using the real time data available in one centralized location
  • Clearly define success and areas of improvement

If you are interested in adding the benchmark tools to your 360 Analytics, please contact us at


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    Lori Main

    Data should always drive your decisions -- bench marking is a solid way to ensure you are tracking with similar properties on our platform; allowing for insight to your potential profits on the buuteeq platform!

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