Linking buuteeq Promotions to Choice Rate Codes

Do you want to feature a promotion, package, or special that a guest can book directly from your buuteeq website? 

If you are a Choice or Ascend Collection property using the Choice Central Reservation System (CRS), you can follow these simple steps to feature a promotion on your website:

Step 1: Set up the promotion in the Choice CRS.  

You will need the Choice Rate Code to successfully map the promotion to the marketing content in BackOffice.

Step 2: Create the marketing content for your promotion in BackOffice.

You can advertise your promotion on your website by creating custom marketing content under Marketing>Galleries>Promotions. View our tutorial on creating promotions for more information.

Step 3: Map the buuteeq promotion to the corresponding rate code in the Choice CRS.*

1.) Go to Settings>Reservations in BackOffice.


2.) Scroll down to the Promotions section. Then click the orange Add button to map a new promotion.

3.) Select a promotion from the buuteeq column.

4.) Add the corresponding rate code from the Choice CRS in the Rate Code column.

5.) Click the orange SAVE button at the bottom of the page and then publish your site (Marketing>Publish, Select "Publish Now"). 

*PLEASE NOTE, you can only have 14 active promotions under Settings>Reservations.  If you exceed this limit, the booking engine will show no availability for all searches.


Disable a promotion from the booking engine:

If at any time you do not want a guest to be able to book an active promotion through the booking engine, simply toggle the switch located to the left of each promotion name. An active promotion will have an orange switch.  

Please note, the promotion marketing content will still show on the promotions page of your website until it is deactivated under Marketing>Galleries>Promotions.  See our tutorial about hiding a promotion from your website for more information. 


Featuring a special or discount in the "Special Codes and Rates" section:

You might not want every guest to see all of your discounted rates and specials.  For this reason, we added a section on the first page of the booking engine called, Special Codes and Rates.  A guest will only see the rates listed if they click Special Codes and Rates. See example below:


You can feature any promotion in the Special Codes and Rates section by simply toggling the switch on in the last column of the promotions section under Settings>Reservations.


Is there something missing from this tutorial? Please post your feedback, suggestions, and comments below.  Thank you! 



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