Qualifying Rates - Promo Codes, Member Discounts, Custom Rates, and More!

As the name suggests, a Qualifying Rate is a rate that a guest must qualify for.  Examples of Qualifying Rates include: AAA, Military, AARP, and Returning Guest discounts. 

Qualify rates should be used when featuring a discount that is derived from a Best Available Rate (a percentage off your normal rates), or for any rate that requires a Promo Code.  

To create a Qualifying Rate, go to Pricing>Rates in BackOffice and then follow these simple steps:

1.) Click the new Qualifying Rate button,  located in the top left corner of the page.

2.) A box will appear under the heading Qualify Rate.  Enter the name of your rate in this box and then click the orange check mark to save.  Please note, the name of your qualifying rate will appear in the booking engine exactly as labeled in BackOffice.  

3.) Add a qualifying code if you want the rate to be hidden from guests who do not qualify.  A Qualifying Rate without a code will automatically appear alongside your Best Available Rate for any available rooms.  Please note, qualifying codes are case and space sensitive.

4.) Choose between Fixed or Relative pricing.  Fixed pricing will allow you to enter the rate as a fixed price for each room.  Relative pricing will allow you to take a percentage off your Best Available Rates.  

A.) Fixed Pricing: Activate the room segments that should be available for this rate.  An active room segment will have an orange switch.  Then click on the question mark in the rate column to add a rate for the corresponding room. 


B.) Relative Pricing: Enter the % off and then select the Best Available Rate to which the discount should be applied.  Remember to activate the room segment that should be available for this rate.  An active room type will have an orange switch. 


 5.) Choose the appropriate seasons to indicate when this rate should be available. Then apply any minimum or maximum night stay policies. Please note, you will need to go to Pricing>Seasons to create a custom season if this rate is available for a date range that is not included in your current seasons.  "Default Season" refers to any calendar date without an applied season.

6.) There is no need to publish when making changes to your rates and seasons, so click SAVE and you are done!  

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