Why should buuteeq manage my TripConnect spend?

TripConnect is a simple way to connect your rates and availability to yet another channel: your TripAdvisor page. (If you're looking for more info on TripAdvisor and using TripConnect try referring to this article on activating TripConnect in BackOffice). Many buuteeq customers use our TripConnect integration on their own (see this article for how they do it themselves), but, if you are an Ultra customer of ours, we can manage this spend for you!

While TripConnect spend is not a huge time-suck (like Google Adwords might be), the spend style can still be difficult to manage properly. The best way to illustrate that is to explain the bid style. TripConnect's bidding offers something that other PPC services might not: the ability to automatically bid to the first position. This is a great, one-click method for bumping up your listing, but its important to think about what this is doing to your costs per click, and to the competitiveness of the market around you.

Note that TripConnect's marketplace is individual, meaning that your competitors in that market are all going to be OTA's, not other hotels. This means that your competitors have much more money on average than they do in Google Adwords, so every time you automatically bid yourself into the first position, you are bumping the others out of their spots, moving them all down by one. You will stay in the first position only until one of your competitors chooses to take the same action, putting them right above you and upping the required price for the first spot. You can see how this could quickly get out of hand... You might be paying $5 per click within months.

As part of buuteeq's Lead Engine program, Ultra customers can have us manage this spend in a way that is aimed to keep your listing in the first three positions, forgoing the typical first position in favor of a featured spot for less money. Note below how the most important places are the first three, not only the first one:

As the market continues to change, you need to be on top of the microscopic details like this that could make or break a seasonal marketing campaign. 

Not sure if you are an ultra customer? Shoot us an email at help@buuteeq.com!

Already are an ultra customer and want to get started? Email leadengine@buuteeq.com to let us know!

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    A great way to grow your direct bookings and better yet use the data and insights of our SEM team to get the traffic at an optimal price point.

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