How To Create A Best Available Rate

There four key components to creating a Best Available Rate (BAR) in BackOffice:

  • BAR: Create a BAR title and identification code for each BAR
  • Pricing: Setup a weekly rate, daily rate, or derive a rate for your promotions
  • Conditions: Setup the requirements that must be met by guests
  • Policies: Choose customized reservation and cancellation policies for each promotion

Here's how you can get started: 


  1. Go to Pricing > Rate Setup
  2. Click 
  3. Label the BAR 
  4. Click  to save 
  5. Under Promotions, complete the following tasks: 
    • ID: Enter the rate ID for the promotion. The is a short form of the promotion name that will be used later in the Rate Planner and will not be shown to guests.
    • Title: This is the title that will be shown to guests in your booking engine. 


You have the option to set a fixed rate or relative rate. 

  1. You have the option to apply a fixed rate or derived rate.
  • A Derived Rate is the price of the room relative to an existing rate like the Best Available Rate. Here's how you can set up a Derived Rate: 
    1. Click  to choose the rate you will derive the pricing from 
    2. Select the rate you want to derive rates from. You can derive a promotional rate from the Active BAR, any other specific BAR or any other promotional rate.
    3. Enter the value of the discount.  Remember to include a negative sign ( - ) in front of the value if it is a discount.
    4. Select % to take a percentage or $ to deduct a dollar amount 
    5. Click Apply and continue to Conditions
  • A Fixed Rate is the entered price of the room. Here's how you can set up a fixed rate:
    1. Select one of the following options: 
      • : To set the same price for every day of the week 
      • : To set a different price for each day of the week (i.e. Monday- Sunday)
    2. Select to enable pricing for additional adults and children.
    3. Choose one of the following options to determine how extra adult and child charges are applied:
      •  Linear Pricing: To set a base price and apply a charge for each additional adult and child
        • Enter extra adult charges
        • Enter extra child charges
        • Optional: Click to count children as adults until base occupancy requirements are met
      •  Step Pricing: To set a price per occupant (single, double, triple, and quadruple)
      • Optional: Click to count children as adults until base occupancy requirements are met
    4. Room Type: Click  to activate the rooms available for this promotion
    5. Price Column: Enter the rate
    6. Base Number of Adults and Children: Set the base number of adults and children in which the Price column applies to. After the base number of adults and children are met, the booking engine will apply additional charges you set up above


You can apply any combination of conditions or requirements that must be met during the reservation process for the promotion. Please use the following icons to activate or disable specific conditions:

 Active: This feature is active in the booking engine.

 Inactive: This feature is disabled in the booking engine.

  1. Length of Stay: Apply a minimum and/or a maximum number of nights.
  2. Closed to arrivals: Choose the day of the week that the rate is closed to guest arrivals


  3.  Closed to departures: Choose the day of the week that the rate is closed to guest departures



Apply a custom reservation policy and cancellation policy to this promotion. If you do not have a custom policy for this promotion, the system default to your reservation under Pricing > Policies. For more information, click here to create custom reservation and cancellation policies. 


When you are done click Save



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