How To Add, Hide, Or Reorganize A Collection

The tab on the navigation bar (or footer) of your website is referred to as a Collection in the BackOffice. Follow the steps below to get started.

Add A Collection

  1. In BackOffice, navigate to Marketing > Galleries > Articles.
  2. On the left hand side, select 
  3. Type the desired title of the Collection in the field 
  4. Hit enter on your keyboard or click  to save.
  5. Your change will be reflected on your site once you go to Marketing > Publish > Publish Now.

Congratulations! You have now added a new Collection!

Hide A Collection

You may have a collection that you want to hide from the Navigation bar or Footer. Follow the steps below to take advantage of this feature:

  1. While logged into your BackOffice profile, go to Marketing > Channels > On-Web  
  2. Toggle the activation switch  next to the Collection/s you would like to hide.
  3. When the switch turns grey , your Collection is now hidden.
  4. Click  at the bottom of the page.
  5. Remember to publish the site under Marketing > Publish > Publish Now

 Reorganize A Collection

With BackOffice, you can easily and quickly change the order in which the tabs on your website appear on the Navigation bar or Footer. 

  1. Go to Marketing>Channels> On-Web 
  2. Click on the name of a Collection from the list that appears under the Navigation/Footercolumn
  3. Hold down the mouse button, drag and drop the Collection up or down the list
  4. Repeat the steps above until all of your Collections are in the order you desire. 
  5. Click Save
  6. Remember to publish the site under Marketing > Publish > Publish Now.
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