How To Create And Assign A Photo To An Album

Albums are a great way to showcase a variety of different imagery pertaining to your property or its surrounding areas. They show up on the Photos tab of your site.  

Create An Album: 

Creating an album in BackOffice is simple, and an important addition to your hotel’s website.  

  1. To begin, go to Marketing > Galleries > Photos.
  2. Click +Album in the upper left-hand corner.                                                  
  3. In the highlighted text, title your album.  Hit Enter on your keyboard or click the orange check mark to save.                                                                          

Congratulations, you’re now ready to add images to your newly created album!

Add New Photos: 

Adding images to an Album allows them to be showcased on your website’s Photos tab.

  1. Go to Marketing > Galleries > Photos.
  2. In the Library, click on the desired image (s) and then click Assign to Album from the drop down. Select your desired Album.  To add multiple photos, hold down the CTRL button while you select images. Once selected, the image(s) will be highlighted in orange.
  3.  Next, just slightly above your gallery click Assign to Album.
  4.  Next, if you have more than one Album, you will be asked to choose from the drop down which specific folder you’d like to place your image(s) in.  


Your photos will automatically be dropped in the desired Album, you've chosen. Congratulations!

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