How To Create & Claim Your Google+ Listing

This is a step-by-step guide on how to create and claim your Google+ listing. If you already have a listing but is not claimed, skip to the Claiming Your Listing section. If you do not have a listing created, begin from the Creating Your Listing section.


Creating Your Listing

1) Go to and click “Get on Google”

2) Sign into the Google account you want associated with your listing. If you do not have a google account, go to Google+ and create an account.

Note* The email you use to claim your listing will not be displayed in any way, therefore you are not forced to use a client-facing email although you are welcome to.

3) Search for your property in the search bar. Select “None of these match”. If your property does show up in the search, this means a page has already been created for your property. If you want to claim your listing, click your listing and proceed to the verification option part of the article.

4) Fill out the information for your property as it is displayed on your website (best practice is to copy and paste directly from your website) and click “Continue” when finished.



5) Agree to the terms and services then select “Continue”. Your page has now been created! You may now choose to exit or verify your listing. In order to exit, you may just exit your window. If you choose to verify at this time, you will prompted to verify either by phone or postcard which is described later in this article.



6) If you chose to verify your listing at a later time, simply start by entering the property’s Google+ dashboard found in your “Pages” tab and click “Verify Now” at the top. If you choose to verify during the creation process, please proceed to the Claiming Your Listing section of this article and choose a verification option.



Claiming Your Listing

Follow steps 1 and 2 from the above section of Creating Your Listing. Then select your property and select one of the verification options listed below.

Option 1: Verifying By Phone

You will be asked to verify your listing either by phone or postcard. If possible, verify by phone by choosing Call Me Now. You will shortly receive a phone call from the number on your listing telling you your verification code. Then you will input the verification code in the requested form.

Option 2: Verifying By Postcard

Sometimes phone verification is not an option and you will be forced to verify by postcard. You begin by clicking “Mail Me My Code” and entering the name you want on the postcard and hit “Send postcard”. You will usually receive your postcard in a few weeks. Once you receive the postcard, simply go to your Google+ > Pages > Manage this page and select “Enter Code” (Should be blue) at the top and it will take you to the verification screen. (Please do not make changes to your listing until you have claimed it, Google may require you to redo the postcard verification).





Congratulations! You have claimed your Google+ page! After you have claimed your page, please email our customer success team at and provide your URL to your G+ page so we can embed a code in our Backoffice. 

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    With the constant changes Google makes to this process this is a really helpful article! Thank you Rich.

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