Featuring Promotions That Require Qualifying Codes

The Choice CRS Sync supports qualifying code restrictions. These are promotions that are only redeemable if the guest enters the correct code into the “Promotion Code” field of the buuteeq booking engine.

How to configure the rate within the Choice side:

Note, Qualifying/Promo code in buuteeq = Corp/Client ID in Choice

  1. Add reservation sales as an approved channel (a common error is to only have the rate available for Property Direct bookings)

  2. Add Corp ID restriction so that the rate is visible and bookable only when the correct Client ID is provided by the guest

  3. For any other questions about the setup within Choice, please contact Choice Support at eHelp@choicehotels.com.

How to configure the rate within the buuteeq BackOffice:

Technically, no setup is required within BackOffice. As long as the correct Client ID is provided by the guest and the search matches the conditions established in the CRS (active date range, length of stay, etc.), the rate will appear in the booking engine.

Follow the instructions below if you want to map the rate to a buuteeq promotion. This will allow you to advertise the rate on the website as well as feature a description of the rate that will be visible in the booking engine:

Part 1: Create the marketing content for your promotion in BackOffice.

You can advertise your promotion on your website by creating custom marketing content under Marketing>Galleries>Promotions. View our tutorial on creating promotions for more information.

Part 2: Map the buuteeq promotion to the corresponding rate code in the Choice CRS.*

1.) Go to Settings>Reservations in BackOffice.

2.) Scroll down to the Promotions section. Then click the orange ADD button to map a new promotion.


3.) Select a promotion from the buuteeq column.


4.) Add the corresponding rate code from the Choice CRS in the Rate Code column. Leave Qualifying Code column BLANK and keep the Show in Special Rates option OFF.


5.) Click the orange SAVE button at the bottom of the page and then publish your site (Marketing>Publish, Select "Publish Now").

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